St. Karen’s is a creative school where excellent teaching is the cornerstone for a broad based innovative programme that is perhaps the best summed up by our school motto: “Prudence , Inquisitiveness and Resoluteness”.

We believe in learning the kind that will stand up in future years, occur best in an atmosphere of personal concern. Our highly trained and experienced staffs enjoy friendship with students and the warm feelings of mutual trust and esteem that enhance the classroom experience.

We do emphasize scholarship that extends beyond our strong athletic programme. It’s the attitude that good citizenship, honesty and fair play are essential ingredients of our lives in campus, in our neighbourhood and in society at large. Our students know we expect their best when they deliver. We invite you to visit, to evaluate what we here to offer, as you and your children make a choice of their academic future.


• To provide high quality education for all students.
• To provide our academic programme that will require a disciplined approach to the subject matter and to the acquisition of skills that will engage the interest of student and arouse their intellectual curiosity.
• To provide programme of games, cultural activities that will promote the skills and confidence of individual students, enrich the life of the school and create interest for life.
• To help student establish for themselves a set of convictions and beliefs and to educate young students who will be the citizens of the world.
• To continue to provide high quality conditions and resources for learning and teaching that will enable students to make the most of their time at St. Karen’s.